Our Strategy

Shamrock Capital Management seeks to build a portfolio of best-of-breed partnerships diversified among three sectors of the U.S. and non-U.S. private equity universe: venture capital and growth equity, buyouts and special situations. We are committed to diversifying investments across these sectors and their sub-groups as well as by industry, geography, company size, company stage and vintage year. Rigorous due diligence and thorough research of pertinent investment issues are the hallmarks of our investment process.


We evaluate partnership investment opportunities based on their individual merit and their potential to add strategic diversification to client portfolios. In our search for repeatable attractive performance in these investments, we undertake a disciplined examination of the following criteria:

Due Diligence

Partnership investment candidates that pass Shamrock Capital Managementís initial screen undergo in-depth fundamental research and analysis. We apply extensive quantitative techniques to analyze past performance. In addition, our qualitative measures help us understand the potential for those attributes that contributed to past performance to produce strong results in future partnerships. We conduct numerous reference checks for each partnership and consistently visit several of the portfolio companies of prior partnerships managed by the general partner before making an investment in order to develop as complete a picture of the investment team as possible.

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