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Name: Daniel Rodriguez

Age: 23

Location: Elmhurst, New York


I was born and raised in Queens, New York, one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world. Such exposure has been vital to developing an eclectic taste and open mind, capable of viewing things from several points. My family is originally from a small town in Mexico. It is from them that I learned the value of hard work and determination. I was raised to believe that the will to succeed makes boundaries optional.

I am a recent graduate with a background in computer science, telecommunications and art. Presently, I am searching for a career with a company that can make use of my talents and hopefully help me develop new ones. It is my belief that not everything can or should be learned in a classroom. Some things must come with experience.

My academic career has lasted a total of 17 years, starting from Kindergarten and ending with Graduate Study, all of which has taken place in challenging private educational institutions. Throughout this time I have made it a point to strive for the best, achieving various honors and awards along the way. For this reason I developed a rapport with many of my instructors, allowing me certain responsibilities and freedoms. It was common for me to be allowed to teach a class in the absence of an instructor or lead discussions. Often times I was asked to tutor students, either one on one or in a group setting outside of class time. As such, I have been regarded as a natural leader by many faculty members.

The Mission Is What Matters.

Guardian Devil Designs is a graphic and web design group targeting individual users and small businesses. Our goal is to provide customers with a product that is tailored to their needs. We offer quality work at prices in the realm of the average person.